Constants styles

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In this tutorial we are going to create our own styled constant so we can use them all over different files.

We are using the LandingPage as an example from the last guide LandingPage with styled-components.

Create a folder for the styled constants

Let’s create a folder for the styled constants (src/styles)

cd src
mkdir styles

Create a file for all the colors:

So far, in our project, we used the colors green, gray and black.

Let’s imagine that we want to replace our green color for a blue one.

Instead of replacing all the green colors white the blue ones in each file, we can create a constant and then change it in only one place.

  • Create a colors file in the styles folder:
touch styles.js
  • Define the colors:
const colors = {
    black: "#333333",
    gray: "#CCCCCC",
    greenDark: "#134240"
  • Create the constants and export them:
const colors = {
    black: "#333333",
    gray: "#CCCCCC",
    greenDark: "#134240",
    yellow: "yellow",

export const black =;

export const gray = colors.gray;

export const green =

export const yellow = colors.yellow

NOTE: this way you only import the constant that you need in each file.

  • Import the constants and use them:

In ImageWithStyle.js, change the background color.

import { black } from '../../styles/colors'
const bgBlack = `{
    background-color: ${black}

NOTE: if you have the constant created, you can start writing it in the file where you have to used it, and it will appear an option to auto import it.

And that’s it! You can try changing all the colors!

Create a file for general styles:

StyledRow in LoginPage.js has the following properties: display:flex and align-items:center. These two also are defined in the span of RadioButton.js.

These properties are very useful because they align our content vertically. We are going to use them a lot in our projects.

  • Let’s create the file generalStyles.js.
touch generalStyles.js
  • Create the constants and export them:
export const alignVertically = `{
    display: flex;
    align-items: center
  • Import the constants and use them:
    • In RadioButton.js:
      import { alignVertically } from '../../styles/generalStyles';
      const StyledSpan = styled.span`{
        margin-left: 20px;
        padding-left: 7px;
    • In LoginPage.js:
      import { alignVertically } from '../styles/generalStyles';
      const StyledRow = styled(Row)`{
        text-align: center;
        height: 100vh;
        margin: 0;